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Are you tired of how alcohol affects you physically? Is your addiction affecting your relationship, job or family? Do you feel like alcohol is controling your life? Are you ready to stop drinking?

Many people with alcohol problems do not recognize when their drinking gets out of hand. Unfortunately, friends and family often see the problem well before the person with the problem. Ideally, you want to help the person realize how much their alcohol use is harming their life and those around them.

Studies find that more people with alcohol problems opt for treatment when their family members or employers are honest with them about their concerns, and try to help them see that drinking is preventing them from living a full and happy life.

Whether you drink a little or a lot, you can stop drinking. You can live clean and sober without desiring or craving alcohol; without using alcohol as a crutch or solution to your problems.

Once you've given up alcohol, you'll live a happier, healthier life. You'll be free of the depression, low self-esteem, stress or other reason that leads you drink. You'll have more money in your bank account and more control over your life.

What can I expect?

We know that everyone is different. Everyone has been on their own unique journey through life and though we may often have problems that present in similar ways the causes can be different. So the approach is unique and personal. Typically you and your Master Practitioner will delve into and eliminate the triggers that cause you to smoke, remove any blockages that may prevent you from quitting,

Our Guarantee

In our very first meeting with you, you and your Master Practitioner will decide on how you will know when the treatment is successful. From there, your Master Practitioner will determine how long the treatment will take. We guarantee to get the results you specify in the time frame we say or we will work with you for free until we do.

We believe in what we do and are 100% confident in the outcome. We want you to be that convinced as well. That is the basis for our guarantee. Simple, sweet and based on you.

Free Consultation Available

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation either over the phone or face to face. You are under no obligation to take the meeting any further. Contact us now by calling (919)694-4129 to arrange to talk to one of our certified Master Practitioners at a time convenient for you.

Payment plans are available. Please contact us for details.