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$450.00 per Hour

Coaching is about taking you from where you are now to where you want to get to either personally, professionally or both. You may have already tried to achieve results on your own or with the guidance of self-help books, CDs, DVDs or other self-help processes. If you did, you may have discovered that you must provide the guidance, energy, will-power, support, wisdom, and direction to do what is necessary to accomplish your goals. This, of course, leads to a sense of failure, which builds up unnecessary limiting beliefs. Self-help books can be contradictory and require a huge amount of self motivation. A coach will keep you more aligned, motivated and focused on the outcome so that you stay on track.

In coaching we realize that you are probably able to arrive at the same goals and outcomes with or without guidance, but know that the process can be more tedious and more difficult. Coaching gives you the perspective of someone trained in process, not content, who can then discover where the process is going wrong and thus guide you to correct it. The feedback is essential for correcting mistakes and improving overall results.

What can I expect?

Our approach works on the basis that everyone is different. Everyone has been on their own unique journey through life and though we may often have problems that present in similar ways the causes can be different. So the approach is unique and personal. Typically in the first session of two to three hours, you and your coach will delve into the underlying issues that are at the heart of your challenges. From this a coaching plan will be established. Coaching will then continue for as long as you want it to.

Using specific and advanced techniques, your will overcome your limiting beliefs, remove any old patterns or habits, and enhance your confidence so that the actions you take towards your goals become easy and effortless. Your Coach will listen without judgment, accept without analyzing you, work with you to help you and create envision a bright, amazing future. A future without limitation; one that makes you feel more empowered than ever before, clearly expresses who you really are and moves you towards the life you desire. Think about that.

Free Consultation Available

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation either over the phone or face to face. You are under no obligation to take the meeting any further. Contact us now by calling (919) 694-4129 to arrange to talk to one of our certified coaches at a time convenient for you. Alternatively, purchase an one or more hours with your certified coach today.

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