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Couples Counseling Session (2 Hours)


Relationships take work, or so we're often told. And yet, they don't need to. In the beginning, relationships are often full of love, joy and happiness and everything can feel so easy, so right. During this time, it's easy to overlook the little annoyances that later become big issues. Over time, things often start to change.

Feelings of frustration, anger, hurt and guilt may develop. One or both parties in the relationship may begin to feel defensive, attacked, hopeless, unappreciated and even unloved. Arguments, emotional distance and sexual indifference may become the norm, affecting everyone in the household.

Why does this happen?

Many professionals think that our personal history and our family history play a large part in how we behave in a romantic relationship. And, while it does play a part, it's not nearly as big a part as some may think. What plays a bigger part is our internal communication model.

When we first start dating, we display our love and affection in all the ways possible. We also do our very best to communicate in ways that make sense for our partner. And, since it's all brand new, nothing about our partner irritates us.

Over time, we revert back to what works for us ... not for our partner. In the dating period, we never found out what our partner needs to really know that they are loved. We stop communicating in ways that make sense for our partner. And, we unconsciously create buttons that our partner pushes in us to set us off.

What can you expect?

Couples counseling is a process of discovering how you communicate with each other and how you communicate with yourself. We start by determining what each member wants in the relationship and what's missing. We remove the buttons that have been installed and help the couple learn how to communicate again. We give them tools and techniques to rediscover who each other is and how to let them know they are truly, deeply loved.

Your Master Practitioner will act as an unbiased coach, facilitator, communicator and teacher, guiding you through the processes with caring and compassion. We will provide you with a strong foundation upon which to build a loving, nurturing relationship together while deepening and strengthening your emotional bond.

Our Guarantee

In our very first meeting with you, you and your Master Practitioner will decide on how you will know when the treatment is successful. From there, your Master Practitioner will determine how long the treatment will take. We guarantee to get the results you specify in the time frame we say or we will work with you for free until we do.

We believe in what we do and are 100% confident in the outcome. We want you to be that convinced as well. That is the basis for our guarantee. Simple, sweet and based on you.

Free Consultation Available

We offer a FREE 30 minute consultation either over the phone or face to face. You are under no obligation to take the meeting any further. Contact us now by calling (919) 694-4129 to arrange to talk to one of our certified Master Practitioners at a time convenient for you. Alternatively, purchase your first session today to begin your recovery.

Payment plans are available. Please contact us for details.